Hello, World!

2011-05-08 07:35:48 by BlackCrossGames

It told me to make a new post.

I guess after posting a few games on NG I should introduce myself. I had many nicknames over the time, the one I use now is Utilized. I am the programmer, artist, musician and designer of BlackCrossGames. The team used to have more people, but they had better things to do.)

At the moment I'm mostly experimenting and trying out different techniques, API's, libraries and engines, so the games kinda suck. Yeah, I know... Well, bear with me for the time being, I promise to make some better games very soon, possibly the next one will be one of them. I'll release some crappy ones once in a while though, so be prepared. :D

Btw, Black Cross Games has a website. And after the redesign you'll be able register and do some stuff. At the moment it's just a list of games I've made. But you can visit it and add it to your bookmarks! ;) Go! http://www.blackcrossgames.com

Well, cheers,